Ringo Starr Supports the Visual Snow Initiative in New PSA

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Ringo Starr Supports the Visual Snow Initiative and Raises Awarness for Visual Snow Syndrome

Acclaimed musician, former Beatle, and recently knighted Ringo Starr announces support for the Visual Snow Initiative and asks fans to “join the Initiative and help solve the mysteries of this confounding condition”.

Visual Snow Syndrome

Starr is a highly charitable sort, going all the way back to when he participated in Harrison’s historic Concert for Bangladesh in 1971. Among the dozen or so groups he contributes to regularly are the American Foundation for AIDS Research and the Elevate Hope Foundation, the latter of which works with abandoned and abused children.

He also supports the Visual Snow Initiative, visual snow being a brain disorder with no known cure that causes one to see coloured or black and white dots across their entire line of vision, whether their eyes are open or closed.

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