Author: Vanessa Mora

Role: Director of Research at VSI

The University of Colorado honors The Visual Snow Initiative’s contributions to Visual Snow Syndrome research at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus Benefactor Wall. This research fund was made possible by a generous gift from the founder of the Visual Snow Initiative, Sierra Domb. 

Research plaques in the north building of Colorado University are displayed to recognize research funding for innovative medical research. As a result, philanthropic investments in research and other programs expand opportunities for world-renowned physicians and scientists to transform the future of medicine and health care.

The Visual Snow Initiative is making several innovations and research discoveries regarding Visual Snow Syndrome. As the leading initiative of Visual Snow Syndrome, research, diagnostic methods, coping strategies, and therapeutics are improving the quality of life for many worldwide. We are proud to have a long history of creating new knowledge that has made a difference in countless lives. Moreover, we continue to raise funds and awareness for research, treatments, and a cure for Visual Snow Syndrome. Hence, our ultimate objective is to improve patient support and quality of life, from diagnosis to successful treatment. 

We recognize that all our donors and supporters because they are the key to our success and mission.

How Can You Help the Visual Snow Initiative?

The VSI has organized various events throughout the years to raise funds for Visual Snow Syndrome research. We appreciate community members who contribute their ideas and support to the cause. Therefore, the VSI encourages the community to contact the VSI team if they have an idea, would like to host an event, or to get involved in making a difference. 

We celebrate this achievement while we work together towards getting one step closer.

You can find how to support and donate to the Visual Snow Initiative through the link below:

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