KTBS/ABC News features Ariah Williams’ Story, Visual Snow, Dr. Shidlofsky, & VSI

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In the KTBS-TV/ABC video news segment and corresponding article titled, “Shreveport teen hopes to regain her life from incurable vision condition“, written by Linnea Allen, the story of Ariah Williams, a 15-year-old with Visual Snow, is chronicled.

The article features comments from VSI expert and neurodevelopmental optometrist Dr. Charles Shidlofsky. It also discusses he and Dr. Terry Tsang’s Visual Snow treatment protocol, as well as their WCG IRB Connexus-certified Visual Snow Study, which was facilitated and funded by VSI.

Many people like Ariah, experience spontaneous onset of Visual Snow one day and their life changes dramatically. We’d like to acknowledge and applaud both Ariah and her mother, Annette Williams, for their strength. Sharing their story not only helps raise awareness for Visual Snow, but their positive outlook and tenacity are inspiring. We thank both them and the caring doctors dedicated to helping patients, such as Dr. Shidlofsky and Dr. Tsang.

To learn more about the Shidlofsky/Tsang Visual Snow Treatment Protocol, please register for the Visual Snow Initiative Virtual Summit 2022.

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