WYTV Recognizes Visual Snow Syndrome

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Great News from WYTV (Channel 33)

The Visual Snow Initiative editorial team is pleased to share some great news with our VSS community & friends today. We are delighted to announce that significant news agencies are spreading awareness of Visual Snow Syndrome.

WYTV (Channel 33) is a television station in Youngstown, Ohio, United States, affiliated with ABC and MyNetworkTV. Additionally, this broadcast features news anchor Len Rome, a health reporter who shares local medical conditions.

From WYTV (Channel 33):

Winter means snowfall and we all know what that looks like, but there’s a different kind of snow that appears year-round for some. Visual snow syndrome is an uncommon neurological condition that affects around two percent of the population. While it is rare, it is also treatable.

“Visual snow is a condition where patients see a type of tv static in their vision. They have millions of tiny little dots in their vision all the time, and it’s throughout their visual field,” said Dr. Carrie Robertson at the Mayo Clinic.

The symptoms may involve flashes of light or seeing things that our brain is supposed to tune out, such as eye floaters or afterimages.

People with visual snow also see words on TV or on paper as double vision. Other symptoms include dizziness, headaches or ringing in the ears.

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