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Article/Study Title

“Short-Wave Sensitive (‘Blue’) Cone Activation Is an Aggravating Factor for Visual Snow Symptoms”




Jenny L. Hepschke, Paul R. Martin, and Clare L. Fraser




“Our results show that visual snow symptoms are exacerbated by colour modulation that selectively increased levels of S-cone excitation. Because S-cone signals travel on primordial brain pathways that regulate cortical rhythms (koniocellular pathways) we hypothesis that these pathways contribute to the pathogenesis of this disorder.”



Background & Purpose

“Visual Snow (VS) is a disorder characterised by the subjective perception of black-and-white visual static. The aetiology of this condition is not known. In our previous work we suggested that there is a link between short-wave (S or “blue” cone) signals and severity of visual snow symptoms. Therefore we aimed to further characterise this potential link.”


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