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Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) is a neurological condition that impacts an individual’s vision, hearing, and quality of life. People with VSS see static, flashing lights, and flickering dots that obstruct their visual field 24/7. There is no relief for them, even when their eyes are closed. It causes many other debilitating visual and non-visual symptoms.

Once thought to be rare, Visual Snow affects an estimated 2-3% of the world’s population. We have already heard from people in over 93 countries (and counting!) The medical community and public still need to be informed, and patients deserve resources/treatments. Our goal is to help those with VSS enjoy their life without fear. They need your help. Together, we can find solutions!

In Case You Missed It: VSI Virtual Summit 2022

The Visual Snow Initiative invites you to learn about the Tsang/Shidlofsky Visual Snow Protocol and the latest advancements in treating Visual Snow Syndrome in this free virtual event.


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The Important Condition You Probably Haven’t Heard of

What is Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS)?


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A New Method for Measuring Visual Snow Symptoms

A New Method for Measuring Visual Snow Symptoms

Article/Study Title “A New Method for Measuring Visual Snow Symptoms” Researchers Samantha Montoya; Michael Lee; Stephen Engel; Michael-Paul Schallmo Abstract Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) is a serious but poorly understood disorder whose defining symptom is a veil of...

The Origin of VSI

The Cure of Understanding

The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) is an extension of the Visual Snow Conference, which was held on May 5th, 2018 at UCSF. The Visual Snow Conference was established to shine a light on Visual Snow Syndrome by raising awareness, providing education, and fostering understanding for those whose lives are directly affected by this medical condition. Footage of the entire event is available for free on our website.

Our Purpose

Why We Have to Help

The term, “Visual Snow”, may sound harmless; but this medical condition is life-altering and can be frightening. Compared to everyone around them, people with Visual Snow Syndrome see the world very differently.

Without warning or cause, patients are forced to view life through a constant overlay of static with thousands of tiny moving dots and lights covering their entire visual field. (This is comparable to trying to see in the middle of a dense, severe snowstorm; hence, the name). They are also subjected to other disturbing imagery, ranging from palinopsia to extreme light sensitivity.

Beyond being bothersome and alarming, all of these symptoms can make daily tasks exhausting or impossible. Moreover, symptoms last 24/7, whether the patient’s eyes are open or closed. Visual Snow does not discriminate; it affects thousands of people of all ages around the world from different walks of life.

Research indicates that Visual Snow Syndrome is a neurological condition, meaning the problem originates in the brain, not the eyes. (A.K.A. Its genesis is in the brain, but it affects the eyes.) This would explain why ophthalmological/optometric tests (eye exams) come back “normal” for patients with Visual Snow and why it is so difficult for doctors to diagnose.

Awareness and knowledge about Visual Snow Syndrome must replace unnecessary and invasive medical testing. For many, Visual Snow can be traumatic and isolating. The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) is dedicated to further understanding this condition and working on a potential treatment/cure for it.

We often take the ability to see our world clearly for granted; those with Visual Snow do not have this luxury.


“I was determined not to let Visual Snow stifle my ambition. I did not want this circumstance to turn me into a person I wasn’t.”

Sierra Domb, Founder

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Let’s work together to raise awareness and education for Visual Snow Syndrome within the medical community and amongst the public! Once both of these are firmly established, then we can get closer to solutions and importantly, a cure. 

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

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