GREAT NEWS from Verywell Health!

The Visual Snow Initiative editorial team is pleased to share some great news with our VSS community & friends today. It is our pleasure to announce that significant medical entities have listened to the voice of our VSS patients and finally, we are seeing the results of that listening.

Research and awareness are paying off! Another prominent medical institution has just joined our cause.

Verywell Health has now recognized and acknowledged the existence of Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) as a medical condition & added it to their website. Verywell Health is a medical entity dedicated to making health information accessible and understandable so that readers can make the best possible decisions about their health.

From Verywell Health:
Visual snow syndrome is a condition where people see tiny, flickering dots in their entire visual field. The syndrome was once thought to be a form of migraine, but research suggests it is a distinct medical condition related to one’s visual processing.

Most people with visual snow syndrome see tiny dots across their visual field. Even though they otherwise have no changes in their ability to see. These dots can be described as “snow” or “static.” They look similar to what you might see when watching an old television. They are usually black and white, though they can also sometimes be flashing, colored, or even transparent.

Some studies suggest these symptoms appear to occur across a spectrum, implying differences in what a visual snow diagnosis means.

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