Location: Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Welcome to the launch of the Visual Snow (VS) Worldwide Project!

The VS Worldwide Project will present various portraits of people around the world each week to raise awareness and demonstrate that anyone can have Visual Snow

Globally, Visual Snow is prevalent among many people, who are often misdiagnosed, and where some countries may not be aware of it.

Through the VS Worldwide Project, the world is reminded of what “our world” looks like. It is hoped that this exhibition will provide a unique opportunity for the public to become more aware and educated about Visual Snow.

We hope that as you view these photographs, you will see not just the differences between our worlds, but also the diversity of the community that is affected by Visual Snow Syndrome.

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

Sierra Domb | TEDx Talk

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