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Chloe Jiwon Park

Meet our #Warrioroftheweek, Chloe Jiwon Park💙

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I’ve had visual snow for as long as I can remember. Every day when I was little, I would wake myself up early in the morning and lie in bed for an hour, watching the patterns created by millions of multicolored dots in my vision. I would reach my hands out and try to grab them to make them disappear, but nothing ever happened. I never realized that I had a visual condition and assumed everyone saw things the same way I did.

One day, after years of wondering the same question, I finally asked my mom if she saw those dots too. At first, she thought I was talking about floaters and told me she saw the same, but the more I described my symptoms, the more she realized something was wrong.

We visited many doctors, who all said my eyes were in perfect condition and that they had never seen such a case before. Not a single doctor could tell me what was wrong, or if there was anything wrong at all. Some even doubted the fact that I could see these flashing microscopic dots at all.

Every once in a while, I would google my symptoms whenever reminded to find out more. One day, I stumbled across a website where people with the same symptoms as me discussed the condition. I found out that the condition was called “visual snow,” and ever since then, I have been researching the differences between normal brains and visual snow brains.

I am so relieved that organizations like this one exist because the more visual snow becomes publicized, the fewer people like me will be left confused and disbelieved.

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