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Petr Baev

I don’t think that story can be considered a warrior story, but I just want to contribute somehow and, of course, selfishly cure VSS if possible.

I state that I didn’t use acids, mushrooms, or any other psychedelics.

I remember noticing it for the first time in some of the first grades of school. There was the thought: that’s strange, why am I seeing these visual artifacts? Is that normal? Do other people see that too? And… I just accommodated those symptoms.

I’m seeing all those sparkling myriads of dots, seeing blur after objects in motion, I have poor vision at night or just in dark areas. Maybe the last one is just a consequence of the fact that those dots occupy a good chunk of the field of view, I don’t know. Moreover, I hear that buzzing high-pitch sound. But I just feel it in the way that it seems like an inner pressure in my head or brain, if I can say so. Not like an actual hearing problem.

Similar to the fact that visual snow might be erroneously considered a visual problem.

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