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When I was in college, I went through a time of great stress and anxiety. I was prescribed a medication for a medical issue, and while taking it, I remember waking up one day with VSS. At first, I was terrified and depressed, and I thought I was going blind. I thought it might go away, but it never did-never, even for one second. After weeks, I finally found the name Visual Snow Syndrome. I joined a Facebook group and discovered for the first time that I was not alone. I tried bringing it up to doctors, but at the time, hardly anyone knew about it, or they dismissed it as anxiety.

I overcame my depression about having VSS with daily thoughts of gratitude, and & I still have my vision & mindset. I get the most upset when I think about how much harder days can be with VSS (not only seeing clearly but reading clearly and frequent headaches & migraines). It helps to know there is research being done, and I hope there can be a cure someday.

I am grateful for this organization, my supportive partner, and people in the medical field who are researching and validating this upsetting syndrome. Every day I miss how I used to see, but it is amazing how our brains can adapt to having daily, constant visual disturbances.

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