Spotlight on: Christopher Murray ?

“Hello! My name is Christopher Murray! I was diagnosed with Visual Snow Syndrome in December of 2018. My symptoms started off very minor but soon grew to be very severe (I now use a white cane). My symptoms now include low visual acuity, decreased peripheral vision, night blindness, halos, floaters, afterimages, static, chronic migraines, and color contrast issues. Although I have more severe symptoms, I have a message. Don’t. Give. Up. With the help of my support system and my amazing friends I have been able to do all of the things I would’ve done with perfect vision. I’m talking about hiking, yoga, movies, swimming, ice skating, and concerts. Please don’t let this take what you’ve always had: life.”

According to experts, VSS is not degenerative. While Christopher’s symptoms do not represent what occurs for many others in the VSS community, it is still important that we honor Christopher’s courage and positive outlook! Everyone’s journey is different and everybody deserves respect. ❤️ We are proud of Christopher and admire his perseverance. #WarriorOfTheWeek ?

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