Introducing Daniel, our next #WarriorOfTheWeek! ⚡️

Spotlight on: Daniel Newitt @dcn1777 ?“I have found that music helps me and keeps me busy around the house such as gardening, DIY, watching movies, playing guitar.

I was diagnosed last October by a specialist and before I got diagnosed I was so scared I would go blind, the consultant told me visual snow does not cause blindness so ever since then I have been more at ease with my condition. That helped me overcome my anxiety and depression and helped me to overcome my visual snow.

I still work a 40 hour week, my employer has been fantastic. If I feel I need to take a break they allow me to sit down for a while. Also they are very supportive and told me if I need to talk to them they are there for me. Knowing that, I feel I can manage my work days and continue to be employed and earn money for my family.

I find talking to my friends and family about my condition really helps me to keep calm and not get anxious. I even have a counselor who I talk to each week to help me with my anxiety and depression. I feel it’s so important to let out your worries and concerns about visual snow syndrome. It helps me stay in control of my symptoms. I found out having a good night’s sleep makes a difference too; not enough sleep makes my symptoms more intense. Stress also is a problem for me and if I get stressed my static gets bad. So I try to keep myself relaxed and at ease. I take 20 minutes each morning out having worries and saying to myself, how can I tackle this situation today? I have a notepad where I can write down my problems of the day and that helps me not get stressed.

So here are my 5 ways of overcoming my visual snow syndrome symptoms:

1. listen to music.

2. keeping busy.

3. talk to family and friends about my symptoms.

4. write all my concerns on a note pad I have in the day and tackle them one by one.

5. stay strong and try to think positive. I even say visual snow syndrome is my friend. We can manage this together.”

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