#WarriorOfTheWeek Spotlight on: Kristy Versteeg ❤️

“Hey guys, my name’s Kristy & I’m a 24-year-old Dutchie! I’ve had VSS from an early age, I’m not entirely sure but I must’ve been between 4-6 years old when it appeared. I remember the static all of a sudden started & it freaked me out so much I took a wet towel & tried to clean my eyeballs. I was terrified to go blind, but still walked around w/ it for years without seeing a doctor. It probably sounds stupid, but I thought doctors would confirm my own diagnosis leaving me w/ no room for denial anymore. When I was in college I decided to face my fears & take medical steps anyway. However, my general practitioner, an optician & an eye specialist declared my eyes to be healthy. I carried on often wondering if anyone else saw the halos, flickering blue sky, & floating circles during a sunny day. It was last year when I decided to Google my symptoms one last time that all of a sudden VSS showed up.

I immediately took action & went through the medical steps: eyes healthy, MRI clean (often the case w/ VSS). My neurologist still didn’t want to officially label me w/ VSS, as it’s in such a “developing stage” (sigh). However, I do consider myself diagnosed & it gives me mixed feelings. Of course my fears have reduced (even though some of it’s so deeply rooted into my system it’s hard to get rid of), but at the same time I now also officially know this isn’t normal. My VSS, in combination w/ tinnitus, is something “normal” people don’t have to deal w/ & sometimes is hard to realize. I’m going through a stressful phase in my life & it immediately reflects on my vision, but I’ve established a relief mechanism for myself. In case I (really) freak out, I go for a run. In case my vision is actively bothering me, I go for a walk.

In case I feel the stress in my body causing my symptoms to worsen, I do some yoga or meditation. To conclude my story: don’t be afraid to take medical action & try to figure out what works for you!”

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