Spotlight on: Angie Keizer ✨ @__flange__

“My journey with VSS started around the same time as my enlistment in the Military. This was an incredibly taxing time, physically and mentally, and I initially dismissed my symptoms as stress related.

However as the months passed I came to realise that my visual/neurological changes were not a result of the high tempo training environment and I became concerned that something was seriously wrong. The symptoms were 24/7, with a relentless overlay of visual static, ‘floaters’, light sensitivity and star-like images across my entire field of vision. The anxiety was at times crippling but I wouldn’t allow the symptoms to negate what I’d worked so hard to achieve. 9 months later I successfully completed my military and specialised training. It was only then that I allowed myself to seek help.

It took a myriad of eye specialists and neurologists before I was finally diagnosed with VSS. The diagnosis enabled me to understand and learn how to live with the condition and eventually I breathed a sigh of relief. As a result of my diagnosis I was required to recertify in certain areas (shooting by day/night etc) and with regular assessments I’ve maintained my career alongside VSS ever since.

Hang in there guys. 💪”

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

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