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“It started in 6th grade, we were looking at something from the projection on the board. I remember it being really blurry. I said, “Does the board look blurry to anyone else?” Everyone looked at me confused & I knew something was wrong. “Never mind, I might need glasses” the class brushed it off but I will always remember. I did need glasses but that wasn’t all.

I got glasses but the VS was still there. I look from wall to wall in the doctor’s office extremely confused, “Why am I still seeing these specs?” I asked. The doctor said “It’s probably from the solution we added to your eyes for the test.” I nodded, but he was wrong. Many years pass, I’m 17 now, a senior in high school going to college in 2020, with a lot more knowledge of what’s happening with me.

My VS is mild in terms of how much static I see. There are 2 things that bother me the most: Tinnitus is awful, especially when I can’t determine if it’s actual ringing or tinnitus. It sometimes lasts for 30 sec. Other times for 20 min to the point where I fear it’s permanent & stimulates a migraine. Second, paper is the worst. I can’t read anything on paper without the black font popping out & distracting me. It’s like every paragraph has an invisible border around it like the same glow that projects off corners of walls but a little different.

‘It’s hard to describe’, everyone with VS has said that before. They think you’re crazy but you know you’re not. It’s not fair, & I feel lucky that I don’t have my visual effects as bad as others but still I feel the pain of everyone & wish I can do something. Staying strong for everyone else to give hope is the best I can do. I hope I can do it for everyone that reads this, even if it’s one person, because I’m going to live my life to the fullest & not let Visual Snow win. I own my life, not the condition, & so does everyone else no matter how rough it feels.”

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In addition to VSI research currently underway in London, Colorado, Texas and California, the VSI is also raising money for VSS via a worldwide auction. You can find out more about the auction here, VSS research results will be posted on our website as they become available. Thank you.

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