Introducing Bobby, our #WarriorOfTheWeek! ⚡️

Spotlight on: Bobby Kay 💪 @bobby.dgtl

“My name is Bobby. I’ve had VSS for 20 years since I was 17, but back then there was no community like this. It came fully loaded with palinopsia, crippling anxiety, depression, paranoia, and fear of the unknown. I went through all the regular motions of MRIs and tests to be told I’m fine. “Anxiety does weird stuff” they said.

I went to therapy and tried to find the source of this crazy anxiety. It was helpful just like therapy always is, and so were the prescriptions I was given in order to help the anxiety, but neither actually helped my snow or symptoms outside some anxiety relief.

That said, I also learned to cope with the fact that the problem isn’t the static. Sure, that’s disturbing, but it’s the fear the static instills that is debilitating. So learning to not fear it helped enough to allow me to go on living. I’ve had great jobs and great experiences, great relationships and made great memories.

Now recently my anxiety has been back and harder to deal with, forcing me to retreat again. But now, the community has led me to some doctors who have heard of this before. I flew out from NY last week here to CA to meet with Dr Tsang. I’m happy to be learning more and a part finding the solution for all of us.

Hang in there, and realize the snow itself doesn’t have to be scary.”

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