Spotlight on: Denisa Oprea ❤️ @denisaoprea__

“Hello, my name is Denisa and I’m 19 years old. 3 months ago I had severe panic attacks due to the fear I could possibly be sick. For 2 weeks I had high amounts of stress that couldn’t go away. I could barely keep my eyes open, they hurt even if I looked at a TV/light! I had really bad sinus headaches too. Slowly, the pain went away but I kept noticing floaters that really bothered me so I checked in at my optometrist and got eyeglasses I wasn’t even aware I needed.

After that, for a few weeks I felt normal but noticed I was very dizzy and the floaters still bothered me. And to mention, derealization and depersonalisation made my life awful! I either felt disconnected from myself or from reality. When I looked at my parents it felt like I saw strangers.

That made me go to a psychiatrist who said these symptoms aren’t real and teenagers don’t know what they’re talking about, but still prescribed me anxiety medication, lorazepam. Sometimes it keeps me calmer, sometimes it doesn’t. When I found out I had VS I was outside, I still saw floaters and the BFEP but what freaked me out was everything was pixelated. I googled the symptoms and everything made sense! It’s only been a month and a half since I discovered it but it still sucks and I’m trying to cope. Seeing everyone’s stories and the VSI page made me feel a lot better, I felt like I wasn’t alone. What made me feel different from some of the people was that I find it easier to stay inside/in the dark than day because the floaters and BFEP bother me a lot more, but it depends.

My tip for everyone is to have good sleep, to lower stress amounts, take walks outside and stay hydrated. Tinted eyeglasses/sunglasses also help in daylight and to protect you from straining your eyes when watching TV or when you’re on your phone/computer. I’m also gonna try out some supplements that others recommended like omega3, magnesium and coq10. Stay strong!”

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

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