Spotlight on: Digvijoy Dinesh Gogoi 💚 @digg_b

“Hello! I am Digvijoy Dinesh Gogoi from India. I am currently working for a Biotech company. It has been more than a year since I got VSS back in January 2021.

By the beginning of 2021, I was  under immense stress due to some other issues and thus under anti-anxiety medication. At the beginning, I couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong with me and I didn’t know anything about VSS altogether.

It started with eye floaters which I never had before. By the end of January 2021, I started having the other typical symptoms of VSS. I gradually started seeing the static. I consulted several doctors but they couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong with me.

By March 2021, I was having almost all the symptoms of VSS. I thought I was going blind. I couldn’t find any proper medical verification of my condition. It is somewhat analogous to Tinnitus albeit it is also one of the symptoms of VSS. That’s how I came to know that all these symptoms have a medical term associated with it called Visual Snow Syndrome.

I hope there will be a cure in the future. Meanwhile, I am trying to lead a healthy lifestyle with 8 hours of sleep everyday so that my brain rests properly and a positive attitude & a sense of gratitude towards life. There were very few people who could actually understand what I was and am going through for I have never encountered anyone in my life with VSS.

So I started contacting people having VSS from different parts of the world through reddit, instagram and twitter. We currently have a whatsapp group of the Indian VSS community with around 32 members. Acceptance, love and support from my loved ones gave me the courage to work on myself up to my ability to keep the disease from progression and live a healthy normal life.

VSI is doing an amazing job on spreading awareness of this condition and also thanks to King’s College London, Monash University and University of Colorado for their work on VSS research and raising funds for the same.

My love and support to everyone who is going through this and I know you will overcome it.”

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