Introducing our #WarriorOfTheWeek, Emre! Hear about how he developed #VSS at a young age and how he reminds himself to stay strong. ?

Spotlight on: Emre Guenan ⚡ @emre_guen

“Hi. I am Emre. I would like to tell my story here.

I am 31 years old today. My VSS started at a young age. I’ve always seen things that others couldn’t see. I kept asking other people if they also see these little dots. I tried to describe it: a fairy that puts dust into the sky. Nobody could understand me.

In 2017 everything suddenly got worse. First of all the negative afterimages, excessive light sensitivity, blue entoptic, and all the symptoms collapsed over me. Afterimages are my biggest problem: Palinopsia. It doesn’t matter where I look, I see it everywhere. It gets worse in the dark.

Today I can overcome my anxiety, but the symptoms have not improved. Yes, every single day is a struggle. But I keep telling myself that there are worse things in this world. VSS is a troublesome disease and never gives us rest, but I have made up my mind to stay strong. Let us enjoy our life as far as possible. We only live once. All these pains and impressions will disappear one day. Stay positive and strong. We’ll make it.”

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In addition to VSI research currently underway in London, Colorado, Texas and California, the VSI is also raising money for VSS via a worldwide auction. You can find out more about the auction here, VSS research results will be posted on our website as they become available. Thank you.

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