Spotlight on our new Visual Snow Warrior of the Week: Eric Li 💗

“My name is Eric and I’m a 21-year-old nursing student. I vividly remember being in high school and staring at graininess and fuzziness on walls, but always attributed that to my myopia (nearsightedness). Since I only really experienced static in dim lighting, I didn’t pay much mind to it.

It was not until I was 19, just about to turn 20 (last year) when I entered my first semester of clinical rotations. I experienced a sudden severe influx of eye floaters and thought I was going blind, knowing this was a major sign of retinal detachment. I ended up taking a leave of absence due to not being able to see at all, especially in well-lit settings. After consulting with three specialists and receiving numerous eye scans, I was told that everything was fine physiologically.

As someone who grew up with traumatic childhood experiences, I constantly wondered what I did to deserve this. I’m a firm mental health advocate and spent so much time learning to achieve mental wellness, only to be dealt with “you’re fine, go back to school.”

I spoke to numerous people to try to seek support and answers and even got an MRI that indicated nothing remarkable. Over my gap year from college, I started developing extreme glares from lights (especially driving), palinopsia, enhanced entoptic phenomena, nyctalopia, and constant derealization. The more I “fought,” the less desire I had to keep going on. I slept every night hoping I wouldn’t wake up the next day.

When I stumbled upon the Visual Snow Initiative I found others who shared the EXACT same narrative as I did. I ended up being formally diagnosed in June 2022 and have slowly found my confidence again. I’ve since returned to nursing school despite all odds and became Reiki Master Certified. I even discovered my Reiki Master developed visual snow around the same time, and another nursing student who suffers from it. I take it as the universe giving me a good sign. 🙂

For other sufferers; you’re not alone and you have more power than you think. When I have flare-ups, I love listening to Brit Marling’s monologue from Another Earth where you learn to “Fall in love with the sound.”

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