Meet our next awesome #WarriorOfTheWeek! Hear about Gabriella’s obstacles she faces in school and what she found that helps alleviate her afterimages. 💪📓💕👓

Spotlight on: Gabriella Herrera ✨ @_gaberz

“Hi! My name is Gabriella Herrera and I am a freshman in high school. I am from the Bay Area. 🌁 I began to see VSS in October of 2017. I was on a high dose of Amoxicillin and a few weeks later saw static black dots in the dark, then it progressed to seeing it during the day. I have seen and felt everything that visual snow carries. Static dots, after images, floaters, light sensitivity, palinopsia, extreme fatigue 24/7, etc. 

In the start of my VSS journey, I couldn’t focus in class basically at all. Since I have had it for some time, I am starting to train myself that this is what I am going to have to deal with and get through my day with it. I can’t read in class at all. Articles, books, worksheets are all obstacles that I have to face everyday. 

Something that helps is blue/gray tint glasses, the after images are not as bad with them on. Let’s all help to try and find a cure so we can live and see how our lives used to be! #VSS” 🧠👁

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