Introducing our next #WarriorOfTheWeek, Ipek! Hear her story on how changing her perspective on living life with #VisualSnow has helped her keep going. 💗

Spotlight on: İpek Ebru Karataş ✨

“Hi, I’m İpek Ebru Karataş. When I found out that not everyone sees this old TV-like image, I hoped that there was a cure out there or a sort of drug that, after taking it, I could finally see the pure white sky. There won’t be any dots on the sky, I can see people without a ghost vision surrounding them. But after, I faced the truth; there is no cure and I will see like this every day while other people can see the pure sky. I was so sad, and sometimes my anxiety and fear would increase when I came into bright rooms. I would run away and go to dark rooms, and this would help me because when I come into a dark room, I can just see old TV-like vibrations and feel like I am in my own world alone. When I found some blogs and discussion channels about VSS, I saw that some people get this disease later and they feel crazy or fall into depression. I thought, I’m actually so lucky. I’m lucky because I have seen like this since I was born and this has been my world since the beginning. And someone out there cares about this. When you think like this and accept your world, the symptoms actually start to decrease. And I think you must determine the difficulties you face and take precautions against them. For example, I can’t spend too much time with a computer or telephone because it increases my symptoms, I start to have too much ghost vision and it complicates my ability to focus. I accept it. I’m not like other people so I have to take a break more. When I can’t focus, I mustn’t be angry at myself but I must try harder.”

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