Introducing Jeeten, our #WarriorOfTheWeek! ??

Spotlight on: Jeeten Patel ?  @jeetenp03

“For me, Visual snow is an art of seeing beyond normal vision. It’s a neurological condition rather than a disorder. As we all know our eye is the biggest camera in the world. Every picture is made of pixels. What if I say VS people can see beyond normal vision, they can see pixels of each image captured by our eye. Since it’s a continuous video that is recorded by our eye, that’s why pixels are moving just like noise in Old Television. But it’s not the end. There’s so much unknown about the ability of VS. We just have a different perception of life.

 Eventually, I started my career as a Dark artist. I’m based in Mumbai, India. My artwork is a portal to the dark-hollow Visual Snow world. I reconstruct fragments of my hollow world that have been corrupted by the darkness & reincarnate into my artwork. “The dream is reality & reality is the dream, this quotidian normal but for normal ones it is abnormal. Your normal & this normal are dissimilar. If he sees zhyiak, you see it as red. One can understand this conventional red color but this so-called zhyiak is bizarre for everyone else since he can’t decipher into normal terms but he can perceive it because he’s living with it, born with it, for him this world is distorted, no concept of space-time exists, everything is always at the same point & feels same all the time.”

I’ve exhibited for the first time in 2018 in Franklin St. in Manitowoc, Wisconsin with the Windigo Fest. Soon I followed only Indian as a DAMNED artist & exhibited twice for the DAMNED Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness” in Detroit, 2018 & 2019. I was also associated as a Global Visual Snow artist by Visual Snow Initiative. Currently, I have a keen interest in Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Field.”

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