Spotlight on: Joanna Sofou

“Hello, My name is Joanna and I’m 29 years old. I started losing my vision 2 years ago. I couldn’t really explain how I see. I would say I see it like when the TV is out of signal and there is snow everywhere but colorful. Or I see like there’s glitter everywhere. That happens even when my eyes are closed 24/7. That’s my main symptom right now and the past few months, when it started it was way worse. I work as a server and I couldn’t see the screens on the computers. I couldn’t see my phone. I couldn’t see people’s faces. I couldn’t cross the streets. I was terrified. My life changed from one day to another.

I visited plenty of doctors, specialists, neurologists, neurofthalmologists, had a lot of testing and MRIs, and nobody can figure out what’s going on with my eyes. I would leave a doctor’s office crying every time. I was thinking I might be crazy, and then I found your [VSI’s] page. I saw people having the same symptoms as me and that I’m not alone in this.

I still don’t know if that’s my case although I’m pretty sure it is after I saw your posts. The past 5 years weren’t easy for me so I don’t know if this happened to me from stress or sadness. I go to bed every day with the hope that I’m gonna wake up and see normally and with the fear that it’s going to get worse. I hope you can find an answer to all these so you can help me and people like me to get our vision back to normal one day.”

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  • Visual Snow Syndrome - A Look Back
  • Symptoms in Review
  • Meet Dr. Terry Tsang and Dr. Charles Shidlofsky
  • A message from Sierra Domb, the Founder of the Visual Snow Initiative
  • The Visual Snow Study
  • The Results
  • The Treatment Protocol
  • Your Questions Answered
  • Patient Testimonials
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