Spotlight on: Karen Murakami

Hello, I’m Karen(かれん) from Japan (japan Emoji). 

About 2 years ago, I got this condition while pregnant. When I woke up in the morning, I suddenly lost sight in my right eye. My vision gradually returned, but I could see dust storms and strange patterns for 24 hours.

I had various examinations at 12 hospitals, but nothing was wrong (MRI, CT, optic nerve and EEG). I was sad and frustrated every time, especially when some doctors blamed me for my persistent questions while I simply wanted to know what kind of disease I contracted.  

Looking back now , I just wanted a diagnosis, but I finally got a VSS diagnosis 2 years ago. I despaired, but I found myself there!

I want to help people who are having the same problem and I hope no one gets this condition anymore 

I wanna sing a song that can save everyone someday🤍 

I’ll be in japan 🤍

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

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