Meet our #WarriorOfTheWeek, Leon! Hear his inspiring story on how he first developed #VS symptoms and how he chose (and continues to choose) to work hard and never give up 🔥⚡️

Spotlight on: Leon Bachner 💛

“My name is Leon Bachner and I have had Visual Snow Syndrome for more than 3 years. After a party night, I woke up with a big headache, pain in my back, and a different view. After some days the pain and the headache relieved but a marathon of 8 months tinnitus started. My view never healed again.

I know exactly how hard it is if no doctor can help you, no medicine relieves your pain, and the fear getting bigger each day. But for me, the hardest part was when I realized my parents cannot do anything for me. I’m alone.

After some months I thought society thinks I’m weak, that I’m not enough for this world. I started to get better and better, do get away from this feeling, and this was my cure for everything.

I started reading books (I know reading a white paper is hard, but keep going 10/20/30 pages each day! — Get some sunglasses and read in nature), workout every other day, fix my posture, eat healthy, learned to meditate, find my way to the religion, listen to audiobooks, study, gain self-esteem and discipline, travel, and the most important thing: I want to work my ass off in every second.

Never stop, never give up! Find your goal but don’t tell the world your problems. No one cares about you. Complaining is a F*cking waste of time. The only one who can change your situation is you. Trust me this will relieve your pain, your fear, your problems, and you will get better than everyone else.” 💪

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