Meet Lucy, our #WarriorOfTheWeek! Hear her story about dealing with her condition, what helps alleviate symptoms, and her hope for the future. ❤️?

Spotlight on: Lucy Aviles ? @qponwithlucy

“My name is Lucy. I started having Visual Snow 5 years ago. While I was pregnant I suffered from severe migraines and blood issues to the point of needing transfusions every week of me being pregnant. After I gave birth to my now 5 year old son and a day after I had him, I looked out the hospital window and saw a lot of static and blue entoptic phenomena. I also had bad tinnitus and still do. I also saw a lot of floaters way more than I had before. In the weeks after having him, I suffered from severe anxiety, depression, insomnia, and bad migraines. I became a shut in.

I wouldn’t leave my house because I did not want to see the visual disturbances because I was so terrified. And so that went on for a while because I thought I was going to lose my eyesight. Eventually after seeing multiple eye doctors and them not knowing what was wrong, I was told about Visual Snow and I started looking into it and saw that I wasn’t alone. I was relieved.

I still don’t sleep well at night because the starbursts, aura, and tinnitus make sure of that. ? The migraines have now turned into hemolegic migraines and I also now have neuralgia in my face. But, what has helped a lot in reducing my migraines and photophobia are 50% or more blue light blocking glasses and CBD. With those 2 it has helped me a lot with everything that comes from Visual Snow. It doesn’t stop it completely but it gives me a bit of relief when I can’t handle it.

I’m thankful for you guys studying and giving us more information. It gives me hope.”




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