Introducing our awesome #WarriorOfTheWeek! Hear Matija’s #VSS story and what he does to alleviate symptoms. ?❇️

Spotlight on: Matija Radanovic ?

“Hello my name is Matija and I started suffering Visual Snow in 2017. In September one week after my birthday, I started seeing dots on walls and in darkness, and I got floaters and tinnitus after 3 months and depression and anxiety after all of that. I also got afterimages and blue field entoptic phenomenon. The worst thing is I can barely read without strong light.

So how I started being positive, I changed my diet this year, I started to exercise, and using omega 3 1000mg after eating, and using magnesium 500mg before sleep. I stopped stressing about that, and I started making a healthier life. I also accepted Jesus as a Savior and now I read my Bible everyday and I always pray.

I noticed that my Visual Snow is mostly in the dark. Now in daylight are the floaters and blue field entoptic phenomenon. But mostly, daylight is clear vision. I still have tinnitus, but only when it is quiet. I feel better today, but it would be awesome if half of these things were gone.

Also two videos about my experience:

I thank the Visual Snow Initiative for this and I thank you all for reading.”

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As some of you may know, VSI has been working with two wonderful and passionate doctors: Dr. Terry Tsang and Dr. Charles Shidlofsky ("Dr. S"). The VSI brought Dr. Tsang and Dr. S together because of their success in reducing or eliminating symptoms of VSS in their patients. They are now collaborating on a new enhanced protocol to treat VSS. Their VSS Study begins in October 2020, and there's potential for a Visual Snow Conference in the future as well. Click below for details!

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