Introducing our #WarriorOfTheWeek! Hear Patrick’s unique story of how he deals with #VisualSnow and how he uses spiritual teachings and learning to expand his mind and perceptions. 💛🧠📖

Spotlight on: Patrick William ⚡️

“The main obstacle I face with VSS is being ungrounded. My visual field is very fluid and disruptive, so often times I find myself very anxious and distressed. The most powerful remedy I’ve found for this is acceptance. By accepting that my VS is there, and not wishing it to be any other way, it becomes much more bearable. Rather than viewing it as an ailment, I change my perception so I may view it as a blessing, something unique and different.

Concentration is something that is pretty difficult with VSS. There are a lot of things dancing around my vision, plenty of eye floaters and static to divide my attention. I have found that ‘looking through the static’ is the best approach to this, and placing all my attention on the picture at the other end of it, so to speak. Like looking through smoke to see what is on the other side of it. By doing this, I actually can strengthen my attention and concentration.

The main thing I have discovered to help deal with my VS is to expand my mind and perceptions. Reading plenty of books, meditating, exploring new places, having new experiences.. these things allow the static to fall into the background. When a field of static covers your vision, it becomes easier to accept everything as an interconnected whole, which is what many spiritual teachings point to. By learning more about myself and the universe, my VS becomes less and less of a problem.”

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