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Spotlight on: Pedro Marques 🌀 @pmxrques

“I’ve had Visual Snow since summer 2018. I was at the airport & wanted to watch my flight on the monitor. I could only read the numbers & names with great effort. Since I have myopia, I thought I just needed new glasses. I went to the ophthalmologist who said my eyes had worsened, but very minimally, so I couldn’t really tell the difference. They said maybe my eyes were just dry because of the air conditioning. This condition did not decrease & got stronger, so I went to another ophthalmologist. They gave me the VS diagnosis but there was nothing he could do. I got VS after a stressful time of final exams, driving exam, & the resulting panic attacks & anxiety. I just accepted the whole thing & since then I have not noticed the symptoms as much. The symptoms only increase when I’m more stressed than usual.

My symptoms: Photophobia, a little bit of palinopsia, flickering, floaters, impaired night vision, sometimes headache, dizziness & tinnitus.

I first thought I was suffering from a bad illness, such as MS or a tumor. I became a hypochondriac since every doctor told me that everything was fine, but I still had symptoms. I searched for the cause a lot on the Internet & went crazy. Today when I have something, I no longer Google but ask someone or go straight to the doctor. Last year I started my studies. Despite my panic attacks & difficulty concentrating, I got through the first semester with good grades. I have a happy relationship with the most wonderful person on earth for 3 ½ years, who has helped me in my worst time & still does. I distanced myself from everyone I loved because of my problems, but she was always close to me & got me out of this hole.

  1. Don‘t give any attention to your symptoms
  2. Find an activity which distracts you
  3. Try to live as stress-free as possible
  4. Don’t google your symptoms
  5. Talk to others about your problems”

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New Visual Snow Syndrome Study!

The VSI has been working with Dr. Tsang in California and Dr. Shidlofsky in Texas. Both doctors have been highly successful in reducing, and in some cases, eliminating symptoms of Visual Snow Syndrome in their patients. When we learned that their philosophies and methods were strikingly similar and effective, the VSI put them in contact with each other. They are now collaborating on an enhanced VSS protocol. They will be accepting new patients for this study.

Today, the VSI will be releasing a series of informational videos on our YouTube channel in which Dr. Tsang and Dr. Shidlofsky discuss their experience in treating VSS. The VSI will also post video testimonials from their patients. We are enthusiastic and optimistic to share Dr. Tsang’s and Dr. Shidlofsky’s insights with the VSS community. If you would like to make an appointment with either Dr. Tsang or Dr. Shidlofsky, their contact information will appear at the end of each video. Watch the videos here:

We recognize that the majority of people with VSS cannot travel to California or Texas to take part in this study. Therefore, once the study has concluded, Dr. Tsang and Dr. Shidlofsky have agreed to make a series of instructional videos that will show their step-by-step protocol, which can be done at home. They will offer suggestions and techniques that will allow the use of household items versus in-office medical equipment. The VSI will also make these videos available.

We would like to thank Dr. Tsang, Dr. Shidlofsky, Kelsey NaPier, and Michael Neustifter for their kind and generous contribution to the VSS community.

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