Spotlight on: Rajat Sharma ⚫️ @rajatsharmacfc

“My Name is Rajat and I am 27 years old from India. It all started 6 months back when I was under extreme anxiety post Covid. I caught Covid-19 in Nov 2021 and the post covid effects gave me neurological issues and 3 days of blurred vision starting Xmas 2020. Prior to that, I was living a healthier life running and cycling with the last feat of 50kms cycling a week before Covid.

My Visual Snow came knocking at my door in Feb 2021 when it began with a Pattern Glare and Starburst effect on headlights. I was certain I was losing my sight which put me on peak of my anxiety as I wasn’t sure what was happening to me. I visited multiple opthalmologists, Neuro Ophthalmologists, and Neurologists but all came back clean. Sadly in India, VSS doesn’t have a diagnosis and my situation was always discarded as Anxiety.

I was in a situation where I was close to losing my job being a sole earner and I couldn’t fathom having that. With the help of my relatives, seeked psychological help and was given meds to calm down a bit which worked and gave me courage to perform in my work again. VSS has still progressed for me with now I have Pattern Glare, BFEP, After images being the most annoying and start bursting and glare effect. I wake up every day working to the best of my abilities fighting a good fight and as I write this I have been promoted to a manager at my firm and I am working every day to be a little better

VSS has taught me a lot and most important is to tell your mind everyday that this is benign and it cannot overpower me. Keep telling your subconscious mind that it will go away someday and let it do its job. After all it’s all neurological so let the brain heal.”

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

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