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Visual Snow Warrior of the Week – Riddhi Shah

Spotlight on: Riddhi Shah ???? @ridz2414

“I am Riddhi Shah, 26 yo from India and I have been suffering from VSS since the past 8 to 9 months. In the beginning it was so scary. I got extremely anxious about this condition.

I contacted several doctors and went through several eye reports and CT Scan and no doctor could actually help me to diagnose my condition. In fact, none of the doctors were ready to believe me.

Then I searched my symptoms on Google and that’s when I discovered about VSS. Later, I discussed this with the doctors and insisted they read and look into this matter. Instead, they just told me to avoid reading everything on Google and concluded this with anxiety.

Currently, I am just relying on Visual Snow Initiative and the team as it has helped me alot to control my anxiety and this has given me the hope that soon we will achieve the goal and find a cure. We are all VSS warriors and will be able to see the world in a better way someday! 

Guys, we are together in this. I would love to help and listen to all of your stories.”

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