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Spotlight on: Sanchit Bembi 💪

Hey all, I’m Sanchit, a 21 year old Design Student in London. I’ve had VSS since March 2020, it has been diagnosed by neurologists in London & India. The onset started with tinnitus & I developed the full range of symptoms 6 weeks after I had a concussion. One of the things I was most worried about was I would never be able to partake in Photography, design work or any visual activity again. There was no cure & my symptoms were getting worse every single day. My anxiety got so bad I couldn’t watch a movie or tv show without pausing it every minute to check if the TV glitched or if my symptoms were worsening. I threw myself a massive pity party for a good 3 months.

But enough was enough, so I decided to do something in complete defiance of my condition. I got back into photography, picked up digital art, started playing tennis again & convinced myself I’d give myself 6 months to get back to working condition. I did my research(if you call reddit, research) & started a plan that would allow me to slowly increase my screen-time & let me get back to doing what I loved. Starting all of this at once was certainly very overwhelming but made me realise how much I appreciate the visual arts. My digital art reflects the world I see & so does my photography. My biggest achievement since has been numerous feats in my job as a Product Designer at an early stage startup. I managed this by using cts90(Neurotracker), visual exercises that helped me with convergence issues (double vision), & a healthy amount of Tennis!

While I still have the full range of symptoms, they have stabilised. I have learnt to listen to my body & accept what it’s telling me. I take numerous breaks to get my work done but my employers & support network have been extremely understanding.

I refuse to let VSS dictate what I can & cannot enjoy, so I’ll carry on & hopefully inspire people with my designs, photography & art!

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