Introducing our awesome #WarriorOfTheWeek, Sasha! Hear Sasha’s inspiring #VSS story of being diagnosed with #VSS but continuing to push through to receive her postgraduate certification this year. 💛💪📓

Spotlight on: Sasha Stevenson ❤️ @sashstevenson

“I’ve been diagnosed with VS for about a year and a half now. It has been a very difficult time. I originally thought that I was going blind because my vision was so bad. Dealing with severe palinopsia, tinnitus, along with the many other symptoms was making me severely depressed. Finally finding out that there was a name for my symptoms and that there is now this organization out there trying to develop a cure, has helped me realize that I am not alone and has given me hope. Some days it’s very hard to do the normal everyday things that I used to take for granted, but I am pushing through and even getting my postgraduate certification this year. Discovering the Visual Snow Initiative and realizing that there are others out there trying to help people like me, is giving me the drive to keep fighting.Thank you for all that you’re doing. It means so much!!”

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