Introducing our awesome #WarriorOfTheWeek, Sydney! Hear how photography helps her deal with her #VS, along with her advice to the rest of the community. ???

Spotlight on: Sydney Swogger @sydcanonphotos

“My name is Sydney and I have had Visual Snow for as long as I can remember. I often remember asking my mom and friends if they could see the “dots” in the room, but no one could. I knew my vision was not quite normal, but I brushed it off hoping it would go away. It never did. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college when I decided to figure out what it was. Visual Snow Syndrome popped up, and I instantly knew that’s what I had. While I am only slightly impacted by the snow (driving at night, finding a light switch in the dark, etc.), my love for photography helps me find strength. When I’m looking through the lens, I forget about the snow. Nothing else matters except whatever I am capturing. Photography gave me a way to relax, smile, and connect with others. Finding a passion and sticking to it is the best advice I can give to those who are struggling. Keep pushing on, you got this!”

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VSI Founder Sierra Domb and Dr. Peter Goadsby Join Tinnitus Hub Podcast

Many who have #VisualSnowSyndrome also have #Tinnitus. We collaborated with the good people at Tinnitus Hub on this podcast where #VSI Founder Sierra Domb and neurologist Dr. Peter Goadsby talk about their experiences in trying to push the envelope for #VisualSnow sufferers as well as the analogies between the two conditions.

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