Meet our #WarriorOfTheWeek, Marko! ?

Spotlight on: Marko Filip ?❄️ @marko_filipovic_209

“Hi my name is Marko and I am from Croatia. My VS started some 3,4 years ago and I can still remember how it started with the colored dots. For the first 3 years I thought I had some problems and I went to many eye opticians to check what was the problem but no one could really tell me what was wrong with my vision. So one day after that long time, I decided to go onto google and type my vision problems, and then I found the VS community. I have to say I had one of the biggest reliefs ever knowing I’m not the only person. After finding out what I really have, I changed my life for the better knowing that at this moment I can’t cure it so I just adapted to it. I’ve started working out and started going to nature moreover the time. I barely notice VS during the day, I only notice it during the night but I already adapted to it so it doesn’t bother me at all anymore. I know it’s hard to live with VS but it’s not that bad, there is still time for us to cure it. Life is good as long as you’re enjoying it. We all need to spread awareness about VS so the world knows more about it…best regards!”

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In addition to VSI research currently underway in London, Colorado, Texas and California, the VSI is also raising money for VSS via a worldwide auction. You can find out more about the auction here, VSS research results will be posted on our website as they become available. Thank you.

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