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Spotlight on: Briana Reedy 💗 @briana_reedy

“My name is Briana Reedy & I’m 17 years old. I developed Visual Snow on June 15, 2018. My vision was overcome by tiny dots & designs, many floaters, & strong afterimages, known as Palinopsia. I felt very alone & confused. No one understood what I saw or felt. I went into a dark place, consumed by the fact that my vision wasn’t going back to “normal.” I went to countless doctors who said my eyes were perfect & even got an MRI of my brain which came back normal. Many times I broke down & just cried. I felt hopeless. I spent a lot of time googling my symptoms since I knew what I was experiencing was real. On YouTube, I discovered the VSI & knew I found my condition. But discovering it was only the beginning of my VS journey.

Having VS can be very hard, but it doesn’t define you. I used to live in fear that my symptoms could get worse over time. I used to let it control me every day. I still have days when I feel really sad, but I’ve come to embrace it all, even the hardships. I use my condition as motivation to push myself even harder to succeed & defy the limits I once thought I was constrained. When I’m w/ my friends & people I love, my laughter & joy is stronger than my VS. When I dance on the Poms team for school, I let the music take me away & out of the storm. Sometimes when I look at the night sky, I feel grateful I get to see a sky full of millions of stars, designs, & dots. It can be beautiful if you try to believe it. To anyone w/ VS, know you are stronger than you believe. We’ll get through this. I’ve learned to accept my condition & be proud I see the world completely differently than most people. Sometimes I even think it’s a gift. I’ve become a more empathic person & learned to love everyone a million times harder than before. I hope we can all find peace in our conditions & even find ourselves amidst this crazy storm. Thank you VS community.❤️” 

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New Visual Snow Syndrome Study!

The VSI has been working with Dr. Tsang in California and Dr. Shidlofsky in Texas. Both doctors have been highly successful in reducing, and in some cases, eliminating symptoms of Visual Snow Syndrome in their patients. When we learned that their philosophies and methods were strikingly similar and effective, the VSI put them in contact with each other. They are now collaborating on an enhanced VSS protocol. They will be accepting new patients for this study.

Today, the VSI will be releasing a series of informational videos on our YouTube channel in which Dr. Tsang and Dr. Shidlofsky discuss their experience in treating VSS. The VSI will also post video testimonials from their patients. We are enthusiastic and optimistic to share Dr. Tsang’s and Dr. Shidlofsky’s insights with the VSS community. If you would like to make an appointment with either Dr. Tsang or Dr. Shidlofsky, their contact information will appear at the end of each video. Watch the videos here:

We recognize that the majority of people with VSS cannot travel to California or Texas to take part in this study. Therefore, once the study has concluded, Dr. Tsang and Dr. Shidlofsky have agreed to make a series of instructional videos that will show their step-by-step protocol, which can be done at home. They will offer suggestions and techniques that will allow the use of household items versus in-office medical equipment. The VSI will also make these videos available.

We would like to thank Dr. Tsang, Dr. Shidlofsky, Kelsey NaPier, and Michael Neustifter for their kind and generous contribution to the VSS community.

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