Meet Kane, our #WarriorOfTheWeek! Hear his #VSS story and how he chooses to not let his condition stop him from living his life. ??

Spotlight on: Kane Kim ⭐️ @kkjrbwls

“Hi, I live in Korea and I am 22 years old. Six years ago when I was 16, I was an ordinary student. I started to develop strange symptoms. The old TV broke down and twinkled and glazed, and there were two overlapping objects. I went to the eye doctor when the symptoms came in, but they all said it was normal. At first, I thought I had a mental illness, too. It made me nervous and I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been depressed every day. But soon I realized that it was Visual Snow and I had a brain nerve problem, not my eyes. And my symptoms have gotten worse recently, but I’m getting treatment at a university hospital and I’m sure there will be a cure in a few years. I am a college student, and I am studying hard for the future. I don’t know what this disease is, but I don’t care and just do my job. Sunglasses are helpful to reduce VS. It’s not a dying disease. We all want to see a clean world for just five minutes. However, it also needs everyone’s attention. We have to get through it until the day comes. Don’t worry. God bless you.” 

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VSI Founder Sierra Domb and Dr. Peter Goadsby Join Tinnitus Hub Podcast

Many who have #VisualSnowSyndrome also have #Tinnitus. We collaborated with the good people at Tinnitus Hub on this podcast where #VSI Founder Sierra Domb and neurologist Dr. Peter Goadsby talk about their experiences in trying to push the envelope for #VisualSnow sufferers as well as the analogies between the two conditions.

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