Introducing Stella, our #WarriorOfTheWeek! Hear how getting a diagnosis has helped her realize she isn’t alone. ?

Spotlight on: Stella Mares ? @_stellamares

“Heya, my name is Stella, I’m 16 years old and have had Visual Snow for around 2 years. I don’t remember exactly how and when it started, but remember it scared the hell out of me. I remember I told my parents that the walls shimmered when I looked at them, but of course they had no idea what I was talking about. For almost 2 years I was convinced I was going blind, and that my sight was deteriorating, and it felt like I was fading from existence. I never mentioned it to anyone again, and I was in a dark place for a long time. This year I developed a thyroid problem which made my anxiety unbearable and I finally told my parents about what I was seeing. I went to my gp who sent me to an optometrist and everything came back normal. I was then referred to an opthamologist, who very luckily knew exactly what I was talking about and immediately diagnosed me with Visual Snow, and told me about the Visual Snow Initiative. On the way home from the ophthalmologist I found the VSI website and watched everyone’s amazing stories and nearly cried from the happiness and relief that I wasn’t alone!

Since getting the diagnosis I’ve felt as though a weight has been lifted. Just knowing what was wrong with me and knowing I wasn’t going blind has been incredible. My VS symptoms are a constant grainy shimmer, floaters and some negative after images. Since getting the diagnosis I notice them so much less and when I do I try to see the beauty in it. Sometimes it even feels like a superpower to see things that no one else can. To anyone who is still at the beginning of their journey, I promise you it will get better, and you might even come to see the beauty in it! We are all in this together ❤️”

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