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VIsual Snow is very hard to diagnose.  Nearly all people with Visual Snow make an appointment with an eye doctor. Visual Snow, however, is the result of a processing glitch that originates in the brain.  This processing glitch results in the eyes seeing distorted images and other related symptoms.  In order to find a cure for anything, you must first acknowledge it exists.

We offer the Cure of Understanding to people with Visual Snow. Once Visual Snow is diagnosed, the effects can be minimized or coped with allowing you to live your life with something known rather than being subjected to years of testing for a variety of illnesses you do not have.

It requires financial support to do the research. We are aligning ourselves with foundations, philanthropists, corporate sponsors and individual donors to provide the money necessary for developing a cure. We are working with the leading experts to fast track their research through a global collaboration.

We will be able to identify a cure more quickly by encouraging collaboration, education, and funding research.


More About The Initiative

Who We Are

The Visual Snow Initiative was founded by Sierra Domb who struggled, as many do, to find answers.  Sierra wants to prevent others from having to endure unnecessary medical tests or feeling isolated and marginalized by their doctors. 

The Visual Snow Conference

One of the earliest efforts of the Visual Snow Initiative was the establishment of the Visual Snow Conference, a summit to gather those with Visual Snow, raise awareness, and share the current body of research.


We have connected worldwide medical experts, researchers and scientists allowing them to collaborate, while having access to advanced technologies.

Funding Research

The Initiative’s focus is to ramp up Visual Snow awareness and provide an increased availability of research capital through the creation of a global research fund. 

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