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TEDx: What is Visual Snow?
Transforming Anguish Into Action

Visual Snow Syndrome activist and Founder of the Visual Snow Initiative (VSI), Sierra Domb, shares her experience of starting a revolutionary research foundation. After she began experiencing symptoms of Visual Snow Syndrome, Sierra became a philanthropic pioneer, vowing to help those who suffer from the condition. Passionate about empowering others to overcome adversity, Sierra implemented innovative techniques to generate a positive impact in the lives of millions of people worldwide.

New Video Series featuring
Dr. Leanna Dudley

Learn more about Dr. Leanne Dudley’s experience seeing and treating patients with Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS), as well as the methods she uses, the success rate, her insights regarding VSS and the patient population, her outlook on treatments and research, vision therapy, neuro-optometry, and more. Dr. Dudley’s patient, Brianna Albrecht, also shares her journey with VSS and experience with treatment.

Video Series featuring
Dr. Christoph Schankin and Dr. Antonia Klein

In this video series, Dr. Schankin and Dr. Klein will delve into various topics, addressing questions about Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS), their upcoming study, and their collaboration with the Visual Snow Initiative (VSI). They provide expert insights and share their personal perspectives on the condition.

Video Series featuring
Dr. Francesca Puledda

Dr Francesca Puledda is a Neurologist and post-doctoral research in the headache group at King’s College London. She graduated as an MD in Sapienza University of Rome, where she also completed her specialization in Neurology in 2016.

In Case You Missed It:
VSI Progress & Updates

Sierra Domb, Founder of the Visual Snow Initiative (VSI), shares a recap of the latest progress and updates.

Topics include:

  • New research and treatment developments
  • VSI’s efforts to get an ICD code for Visual Snow Syndrome
  • Our new website

In case you missed any of these updates on our website or social media, feel free to watch this video for a summary of what we have been/will be working on.

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