Visual Snow Syndrome Brochure

> Visual Snow Syndrome Brochure

The Visual Snow Initiative team has created an informational brochure, designed to provide valuable insights for medical professionals and individuals navigating the complexities of Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS). Available to download, print, and/or share, our brochure offers detailed explanations of VSS, covering all the (visual and non-visual) symptoms, diagnosis, causes, and current treatment options.

While seeking medical care for her symptoms, our Founder, Sierra Domb, never encountered information or reading materials about Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) in any of the doctor’s offices or hospitals she visited, let alone a brochure or pamphlet. Sierra and the VSI team wanted to create a brochure explaining the fundamentals of VSS in a concise and accessible format that patients and medical professionals could use.

Brochures play a crucial role in disseminating valuable healthcare information to a wide audience. They provide education, helping individuals better understand complex medical concepts and make informed decisions about their health. 

This VSS brochure can be easily distributed and printed out to be placed in healthcare facilities, offices, practices, and waiting areas. This ensures that essential information about VSS spreads throughout the medical community, especially within fields specific to the condition, such as neurology, neuro-opthalmology, ophthalmology, and optometry. Showing this brochure to their doctor can significantly benefit VSS patients. Providers can become informed about VSS if they are unfamiliar, leading to better medical decisions and quality of care for VSS patients, further awareness and education about the condition, and more effective physician-patient communication.

Feel free to download, print, or share these resources with others who may benefit from the information. We hope this brochure serves as a valuable tool for patients and medical professionals and helps spread education about VSS.

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