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Our online chairty shop sells Visual Snow T-shirts, hoodies, & more! Everything is offered in multiple colors and sizes (XS-4XL); it’s apparel for a good cause! Who says making a difference can’t be stylish? You can do good and help raise awareness!


100% of the Net Proceeds go directly towards funding research for Visual Snow Syndrome. #SeeAWorldWithoutVisualSnow


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It’s time to achieve answers and solutions for those who have Visual Snow! Together, with your contribution, we can help thousands of people of all ages worlwide suffering from this condition.

Become a part of our fundraising efforts by going to our donation page and/or sharing it with your family and friends today! 

You can make a difference and change countless lives for the better.

On behalf of those who have Visual Snow Syndrome, we’re so grateful for you help! Thank you for being part of the solution and making a positive impact on our world.


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Your donation, no matter the size, makes a big difference in the search for a cure. VSI’s focus is to raise awareness for Visual Snow Syndrome and provide an increased availability of research capital through global funding. We have partnered with experts around the world who are dedicated to helping our cause. Their fields of expertise include neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmology, neuroscience, neurobiology, scientific research, and advanced technology. With your contribution, they gain the ability to collaborate on a global scale and work towards solutions that can help those suffering from this condition.


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Visual Snow Initiative
Visual Snow Initiative21 hours ago
Watch the newest release of our “Visual Snow News” Video Series! 👁📺 Dr. Yasser Khan also answers: “How do we leverage the gains that have been made in VSS awareness and funding into real solutions?” 💭 Check it out on YouTube at:

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Let’s work together to raise awareness and education for Visual Snow Syndrome within the medical community and amongst the public! Once both of these are firmly established, then we can get closer to solutions and importantly, a cure for those who need it most.

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This holiday season, snuggle up at home while advocating for Visual Snow awareness and giving the PERFECT gifts by ordering from our online charity store at of the Net Proceeds go directly towards funding Visual Snow research.

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