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Your donation, no matter the size, makes a big difference in the search for a cure. VSI’s focus is to raise awareness for Visual Snow Syndrome and provide an increased availability of research capital through global funding. We have partnered with experts around the world who are dedicated to helping our cause. Their fields of expertise include neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmology, neuroscience, neurobiology, scientific research, and advanced technology. With your contribution, they gain the ability to collaborate on a global scale and work towards solutions that can help those suffering from this condition.

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Sharing your story and spreading the word generates critical awareness, education, and interest for Visual Snow Syndrome.

Importantly, it is also an opportunity to help and inspire others, including people with Visual Snow who can relate to your story or medical professionals who benefit from hearing about your symptoms and experiences for clinical accuracy.

You can spread the word about Visual Snow or fundraise in your local community! You can also raise awareness online in a variety of ways. Social media is an excellent way to connect with people worldwide. Following and @/tagging VSI on social media, as well as reposting/sharing our content helps significantly. You can also create and share your own Visual Snow-related content, such as personal stories, videos, artwork/photography, or projects.

For an opportunity to be featured on VSI’s website and social media, become our next Warrior of the Week or send us your Visual Snow-related creations!


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We sell VSI-Visual Snow apparel/merchandise in our online store! Our exclusive tees, comfy hoodies, stickers, and more are offered in multiple styles, colors, and sizes (XS-4XL). They support research and help raise awareness for Visual Snow Syndrome. You can check out our different designs or customize your own.

100% of the Net Proceeds go directly towards funding Visual Snow research.


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Study Participation

For more information on clinical trials involving Visual Snow, please visit or ICH GCP.

Note: Oftentimes, due to regulations (privacy & legal protection), participants for studies must be recruited via the institution or university that the researchers are affiliated with. Patients seen by physicians & researchers in-practice or in-person are often considered favorable candidates for studies. However, there are exceptions and researchers may notify the Visual Snow community when they are seeking participants for studies. They will inform you what information they need and what specific facets of VSS they are exploring via clinical trial databases, their website, and/or social media. However, you can also reach out to VSS researchers directly if you would like to share information about your case that may be helpful to them. The names of many VSS researchers and physicians can be found on our website.

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Let’s work together to raise awareness and education for Visual Snow Syndrome within the medical community and amongst the public! Once both of these are firmly established, then we can get closer to solutions and importantly, a cure.

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What is Visual Snow? Transforming Anguish into Action

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