VSI Update (2022) – Funding Insight & Upcoming/Ongoing Projects

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The following is an update regarding funding and some of the new & ongoing projects that the Visual Snow Initiative has in the works.

Funding Insight & Ongoing Projects

  • Some insight into how we determine funding: On a regular and ongoing basis, the Visual Snow Initiative communicates with doctors & researchers worldwide about what projects they are working on. We have frequent phone & virtual calls, sometimes, with dozens of people from all different zones and discuss their individual projects. Then, we speak with a handful of medical and scientific professionals, like Dr. Peter Goadsby & others, about which research project they feel has the most potential.
  • The Visual Snow Initiative funds research for a cure for Visual Snow Syndrome.
  • We fund VSS research that reveals new information about the condition, as well as its visual & non-visual symptoms. This is critical to one day finding a cure. It also helps ensure clinical/diagnostic accuracy for VSS patients and their doctors, reducing the rate of misdiagnosis and allowing patients to get proper care.
  • Patients with Visual Snow are often told there is nothing that can be done to help alleviate their symptoms. As researchers work towards a cure, in the interim, we share any potential resources and/or credible treatment options that yield positive results for patients.
  • We also have an ongoing dedication to generating awareness and education for Visual Snow Syndrome.
  • On our Donation Page, you can select where you would like to apply your donation. You can apply your VSI donation to any of the following research teams of your choosing:
  • Australia, Monash University: VSS Research under Dr. Owen White & Dr. Joanne Fielding et al.
  • England, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust: VSS Research under Dr. Sui Wong et al.
  • Switzerland, University of Bern: VSS Research under Dr. Christoph Schankin et al.
  • USA (Private Practices) VSS Treatment: Dr. Terry Tsang & Dr. Charles Shidlofsky et al.
  • USA, UCLA: VSS Research under Dr. Peter Goadsby et al.
  • USA, University of Colorado: VSS Research under Dr. Victoria Pelak et al.

New & Upcoming Projects

  • We are considering VSS research proposals, as we do on an ongoing basis. Currently, we are working with Dr. Christoph Schankin and reviewing his Visual Snow research proposal.
  • We are working with Dr. Francesca Puledda, who is continuing her Visual Snow research. The Visual Snow Initiative and Dr. Puledda will be working on a series of videos discussing her new project(s) and body of work about Visual Snow Syndrome. These videos will be posted on the VSI site & YouTube channel.
  • We are also working with Doctoral Student Simon Saryazdi, who is a VSS researcher and developing algorithms to assist the medical community.
  • A virtual certification course for medical professionals, so they can learn how to implement Dr. Tsang & Dr. Shidlofky’s methods & offer their Visual Snow Protocol as a treatment option to their patients who are interested anywhere in the world
  • Premiere of first-ever VSS Tedx Talk by Sierra Domb, who shares her story & discusses Visual Snow Syndrome
  • VSS Meet-Up/Meet & Greet: Click here for details
  • Additionally, our team is working with highly-regarded medical journals to publish the Tsang-Shildlosky Visual Snow Study
  • (Contingent upon funding) The Visual Snow Initiative is also considering research studies investigating the pathophysiology of Visual Snow Syndrome and to determine (if any) the role of genetics in Visual Snow Syndrome

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