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The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) and The Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institution (MARI) have collaborated to spread even more awareness for Visual Snow Syndrome within the international medical community!

MARI is a nonprofit and multidisciplinary academic organization focused on research in the areas of misdiagnosis, malpractice, and error in treatment. By working together, we can further reduce the prevalence of misdiagnosis and/or the absence of a diagnosis for the Visual Snow and medical communities.

MARI collaborates with over 600 professors, educational professionals, and researchers worldwide. They have also published more than 198 scientific papers/articles and various textbooks. MARI will be able to outsource its research capabilities for widespread distribution of VSI’s information, VSS Diagnostic Criteria, and scientific studies related to Visual Snow Syndrome. This will help spread the word by providing VSS awareness to the general public, patients, and healthcare professionals around the world.

MARI Ref is an online medical dictionary for professionals, academics, and the general public to find quick references to the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions. With the inclusion of Visual Snow Syndrome in their database, the possibility of a fast and efficient diagnosis substantially increases.

Through MARI YOUTH, children and young adults affected can talk about their experience with Visual Snow Syndrome and participate in events related to STEM. This also includes podcasts, research, science fairs, research projects, interviews, and fun activities.

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