Check out the full article in Frontiers in Neurology:

Article/Study Title

“Delayed Onset of Inhibition of Return in Visual Snow Syndrome”



Research Topic

“Visual Snow: Old Problem, New Understanding”




Paige J. Foletta, Meaghan Clough, Allison M. McKendrick, Emma J. Solly, Owen B. White, and Joanne Fielding




“This is the first study to assess temporal changes in allocation of visuospatial attention in VSS and provides a more refined saccadic behavioural profile of VSS that can be interrogated using sophisticated neuroimaging techniques. These findings provide further evidence that attention is impacted in VSS, manifesting in a distinct saccadic behavioural profile, and delayed onset of IOR, or “Inhibition of Return”. Whether IOR is perceived as the build-up of an inhibitory bias against returning attention to an already inspected location or a consequence of a stronger attentional orienting response elicited by the cue, our results are consistent with the proposal that in VSS, a shift of attention elicits a stronger increase in saccade-related activity than healthy controls. This work provides a more refined saccadic behavioural profile of VSS that can be interrogated further using sophisticated neuroimaging techniques and may, in combination with other saccadic markers, be used to monitor the efficacy of any future treatments.”


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