Visual Snow Initiative’s Funding of the MBCT-Vision Study at St. Thomas’ London

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Funding of The MBCT-Vision Study

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Visual Snow Initiative (VSI), for funding the cost of functional MRI (fMRI) scans for the MBCT-vision study.

This feasibility study is one of the first research trials on the treatment of Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS), with Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy modified for visual symptoms (MBCT-vision). This was made possible with starter funding from GSTT charity and EyeHope charity. I am excited to say that the interim results are promising and has been accepted for presentation at the upcoming American Neurological Association meeting.

The positive interim results make the case for adding fMRI as an outcome measure in this study. I am delighted and tremendously grateful for the funding from Visual Snow Initiative which will enable this. The timely funding from VSI will accelerate our progress into the search for a cure for VSS. Together we can make a difference — the work and support from VSI certainly amplifies this.

Thank you again for your support.”

Kind regards,
Dr Sui Wong, MD FRCP
Consultant Neurologist & Neuro-ophthalmologist


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