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Your donation, no matter the size, helps make a difference in a search for a cure. The Initiative’s focus is to ramp up Visual Snow awareness and provide an increased availability of research capital through the creation of a global research fund. We have connected experts in neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmology, neuroscience, neurobiology, leading research scientists, and the most advanced technologies available to collaborate on a global scale.


Visual Snow Initiative
Visual Snow Initiative8 hours ago
The Visual Snow Initiative is feeling all the love and kind support of actor and comedian Ken Davitian in building awareness for those living with #VisualSnow, a debilitating neurological condition that affects an individual’s quality of life. Let’s work together to help find a cure! Check out today for more information and see how you can help.

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Let’s start working together to build awareness and education for the medical community and those dealing with Visual Snow. Then and only then can we move forward towards a cure.

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