Update on NORT Protocol: Progress from 2023 and Plans for 2024

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In this 2024 update, the latest information on Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Therapy (NORT) is presented, as discussed in a recent interview with Dr. Shidlofsky, Dr. Tsang and Vanessa Mora, authors of the NORT protocol. The article aims to provide insights into the treatment’s efficacy, symptom improvement, ongoing patient care, plans for future masterclasses, and potential follow-up studies for 2024.

NORT Treatment Efficacy

Dr. Shidlofsky and Dr. Tsang shared encouraging news about the sustained success of NORT treatment over time. New patients, as well as those treated two years ago and ongoing, continue to show improvement, with overall positive outcome suggesting that the treatment effectively enhances the quality of life for individuals dealing with Visual Snow Syndrome.

Ongoing Patient Care

The interview emphasized that their clinics remain active in treating new patients regularly. Dr. Shidlofsky and Dr. Tsang assured they have become skilled at handling various VSS patients and offering Masterclasses in various locations worldwide in 2023, such as Dallas, Texas; Miami, Florida and Sydney, Australia. In addition, they have shared that many doctors who were new to NORT have enjoyed their Masterclass and have been diagnosing and treating VSS patients with the new protocol.

Common Experiences of Patients After NORT Treatment

Dr. Shidlofsky and Dr. Tsang mentioned that patients who have undergone NORT often report good results. Many are able to resume normal activities, such as work, school, and driving. A notable improvement observed, according to their patients, is in symptoms like brain fog, which tends to dissipate following the treatment. Lifestyle changes, including dietary adjustments and stress management, play a crucial role in maintaining these positive outcomes. Trends in symptom reduction are emerging from patient reviews, symptoms such as Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (BFEP), floaters, and brain fog have shown improvement.

Dr. Shidlofsky has also mentioned using specific supplements in his clinic to address floaters, contributing to a comprehensive approach to symptom management in addition to NORT.

Follow-Up Studies and Research

Dr. Shidlofsky disclosed ongoing research endeavors, including a study on EEG findings related to visual snow. Preliminary results indicate a reduction in visual timing mechanism issues which will be investigated further in 2024.

Additionally, Dr. Shidlofsky and Dr. Tsang have mentioned notable observations on diet that they hope to explore, such as a study on dietary adjustments incorporating anti-inflammatory elements into patients’ diets. Dr. Shidlofsky believes stress management and anti-inflammatory measures should be integrated into the patient’s routine. 

Future Masterclasses and International Expansion

Dr. Shidlofsky expressed the desire to organize more masterclasses, with a focus on upcoming locations such as the Philippines and a potential reschedule for Toronto. The goal is to continue educating professionals globally to ensure widespread access to effective treatment.

In addition to the masterclasses, Dr. Shidlofsky has been actively organizing international masterclasses and workshops. A successful workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico, provided valuable insights into VSS and the NORT treatment protocol.

In 2023, Dr. Shidlofsky conducted introductory courses, including a one-hour workshop in the Dallas Fort Worth area and another for the University of Houston, aiming to provide foundational knowledge on VSS complexities. Upcoming engagements in 2024 include an update lecture at the International College of Behavioral Optometry in Ottawa.

Virtual Masterclasses

The possibility of virtual masterclasses is under consideration, with the intention of first catering to the North American audience, according to Dr. Shidlofsky. While plans for virtual masterclasses are not finalized, the potential for this educational resource is being explored.

Advice to the VSS Community

Dr. Shidlofsky: “The NORT treatment works for most patients, and I encourage individuals to seek professionals with a strong background, preferably those who have completed the masterclass. I hope and always advocate for widespread awareness, ensuring that those with VSS are informed about the existence of an effective treatment that has demonstrated positive outcomes and significantly enhances someone’s quality of life”

Dr. Tsang: “I want to thank the VSI for all the support provided in helping patients and raising awareness towards the condition. I encourage VSS patients to try the treatment to help with their symptoms if they are seeking effective treatment options.”

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